Friday, December 19, 2008

Succubus Sexy Nightmare, Incubus, Morrigan, Lilith, WOW, World or Warcraft

Succubus Sexy Nightmare, Incubus, Morrigan, Lilith, WOW, World or Warcraft, Dark Stalkers

Naughty Angel, From Good to Sexy Girls Halloween Costume

Etymology girl. Intelligence might be sexy but you don't have to have your boobs hanging out. In this video, she goes over the origins of the words succubus, nightmare and incubus with folklore about Morrigan and Lilith. All cultures describe experiences of being visited in their sleep by demons, ghosts or witches. This is an explanation for people dieing in their sleep, erotic dreams, nocturnal arousal, nocturnal orgasm, sudden infant death syndrome, sleep paralysis and unexplained pregnancy.

This video was produced by psychetruth.

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Music by
Jimmy Gelhaar

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Sora Ryu said...

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Reverend Boony said...

The fact that there are commonalities in these myths leads me to hypothesise that they might have a basis in reality from the standpoint of other dimensional travelers.....

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