Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Cut Your Own Hair & Trim Split Ends, Curls, Bangs, Layers | Curt ...

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How To Cut Your Own Hair & Trim Split Ends, Curls, Bangs, Layers | Curt Darling Austin

Emmy winning stylist, Curt Darling wants to help you learn to cut, curl, straighten and volumize your hair to get a Hollywood look in your own home. In this video, Curt teaches Corrina ow to cut her own hair between haircuts.

These expert tips by Emmy winning stylist, Curt Darling, will help you give yourself the perfect haircut—to remove split ends, add layers and volume, or just clean up the ends between trips to the salon.

For over 20 years Emmy winner, Curt Darling has traveled the globe creating stunningly beautiful hairstyles for film, television and stage. He has done celebrity styling for Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Tom Cruise, Selma Hayek, Kevin Costner and more.

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