Thursday, May 8, 2014

To Our Supporters - Psychetruth Official Patreon Campaign Video

Seven years and 2000+ FREE videos on health and wellness later, we LOVE
what we do more every day. Why? Because we LOVE YOU! We have big plans
for our next 7 years and want you to join Team PsycheTruth! Check out to learn about the special prizes,
and how as little as $2 a month can help us do more of what YOU love!

(Don't worry, everything is staying the same...other than the MORE and BETTER parts.)

Love always--
Corrina, Melissa, Dena, Christen, Athena, Jen, Courtney, Meera,
Katrina, Dr. Colin Ross, Dr. John Breeding, Dr. Vince Bellonzi, Erica,
Donnie and the rest of the team!!

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